Sandboard Hire Cunnamulla

From $20 per board per hour

Sandboard Hire Cunnamulla is a whole lot of family fun!

The outback in Australia certainly is an amazing place that creates a plethora of unique activities for the individual or the family alike.

One such activity is sandboarding down the natural dunes in Cunnamulla one of the most surprising locations in Queensland’s outback when it comes to taking part in unique outback adventure experiences in Australia.

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Hours of  Sandboard Hire Cunnamulla are negotiable.

Food hampers and beverages can be purchased to take with you to the sand dunes. Please advise of any special dietary requirements when booking hampers.  

Hire of Sandboard or sled and wax.

FREE pick up and drop off available. Our tour guides can give you some quick pointers on how it works if needed.

Board hire $20 per hour
Board deposit $50 per board
Bookings are essential and times are negotiable to fit with your schedule. Confirm details at time of booking. 


Sandboard Hire Cunnamulla Itinerary

Get your heart racing and adrenalin pumping as you hit the slopes for an action packed hardcore adventure.

The natural sand dunes or sand hills located in Cunnamulla provide the perfect day tour activity for families, backpackers and all adventure seekers looking for some extra excitement in Queensland’s outback.

A unique attraction in the outback sandboards and sleds can provide for a thrilling ride down the sandy slopes and you will only be limited by your determination and stamina.

It’s a tough climb all the way to the top but well worth the effort as you speed your way down to the bottom. The ride will give you such a rush, you’ll want to turn around and do it all over again.

Based on skill, this sport is similar to snowboarding – you can wind your way to the bottom or simply go full speed in a straight line.

Hire a sandboard or toboggan by the hour, with a $50 deposit (refundable on return of the equipment without damage).

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