Sandboarding – Defeat the massive sand hill

On the outskirts of town you can find the natural sand dunes of Cunnamulla.

It was a recommended attraction, so I was quite interested in experiencing it for myself. Upon arrival I was surprised by the impressive size of the dunes and taken aback by the location of these naturally formed sand hills. Amongst the dry, flat, red dirt land of Cunnamulla, these sand dunes were a remarkable attraction.

After this first encounter I returned to the sand hills quite often to experience all that I could at this Cunnamulla attraction. Sometimes just to stretch my legs on one of the walking tracks through the park, or to enjoy the view from the lookout which is a great spot for taking photos of native plants and wildlife.

It’s also a fantastic location to go horse riding. Les, the retired drover and a popular Cunnamulla character, took us there and we went up and down and along the sand dunes on horseback.

I felt connected with the nature and wildlife of the surrounding area.

Exploring the area by horseback gave me a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the local wildlife, as I seemed to be less intimidating to the animals. Instead of fleeing from me as they usually do, the kangaroos, wallabies and native birds all stayed close by, something which I rarely experienced in my time in Cunnamulla.

Another way of experiencing the dunes, which is a bit more adventurous, is sand boarding.

It gets the heart racing and the adrenaline pumping as soon as you hit the sandy slopes. Climbing up the sand hills can be challenging at times, but all the effort is worth it when you reach the top. I grabbed my sand board and experienced a thrilling ride as I sped my way down to the bottom of the hill. The ride gave me such a rush of excitement that all I wanted to do when I got the bottom was climb up again to give it another go. I hit the slopes so many times, sitting, lying and standing on my board; each method took some skill but was such a thrill when I mastered it. It doesn’t matter what sand boarding skills you have (or don’t have!) as the worst that can happen is taking a small tumble in the soft sand. Your sand boarding experience can only be limited by your imagination!

I feel as though I took half the Cunnamulla sand hills home with me that day, as I was finding endless amounts of sand in my clothes and shoes long after I had left the dunes.

I returned with a smile on my face, my body covered in sweat and sand just everywhere… great work out, great fun!

The natural sand dunes of Cunnamulla offer the perfect day tour activity for families, backpackers and all adventure seekers looking for some extra excitement in Queensland’s outback.

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