Cruising down the Warrego river

As we were cruising down the Warrego river the sun slowly crept west across the sky.

I arrived at the green pontoon floating on the Warrego River Cunnamulla where our great adventure began.

A speedboat was waiting for us with the local boat driver, Trevor, lending a hand to assist others into the boat. Once all 5 of us had found our seats we unwrapped the nibblies and cracked open our drinks as we began putter away from the pontoon.

Trevor told us stories about the Warrego River and informed us of the history and impacts it has on Cunnamulla. The Warrego is a truly interesting and spectacular river system and a great way to experience Cunnamulla.

The sinking sun started painting entrancing colours in the sky as we cruised down the river towards town. After only 15 minutes of witnessing all the wildlife, nature and houses overlooking the river, I had to remind myself I was in Cunnamulla. Having lived here for four months now I have never experienced Cunnamulla from that point of view. Our little speedboat was the only one on the river, and although the water sports take off in summer, the chill in the air ensured we were able to have this pristine nature all to ourselves.

We cruised past the bridge and further down the river where the trees started becoming more prominent. Soon we had reached the furthest point and it was time to turn around.

I spotted numerous pelicans and water birds as well as some pokey little channels, which I thought would be fun to explore later by kayak. On the ride back I watched the smooth coffee coloured water turn to ripples behind us as the sun started to hide behind the trees.

Ultimately, this cruise down the Warrego River is a great way to spend your afternoon in Cunnamulla, it offers a different perspective not many people get to experience.

It has definitely opened my eyes to how much Cunnamulla has to offer.

Where to book Cunnamulla Sunset River Cruise:

Club Boutique Hotel
15 Louise Street, Cunnamulla
07 4655 1679

Cunnamulla Tourist Park
65 Watson Street
07 4655 1421


Unfortunately this tour will not be running in 2018 unless we get a good flood in the Warrego River!

4pm daily – however this may change slightly depending on the season

Leaves from the Club Boutique Hotel however there is pick up/drop off available from the Tourist Parks.