The Warrego River Cunnamulla

Warrego River Cunnamulla

The Warrego River is predominantly located in Queensland and has a catchment area of about 65,000km.

The upper Warrego consists of a number of tributary rivers including the Nive, Ward and Langlo Rivers which join the main stream above and below Charleville.  Major towns located on the river are Augathella, Charleville, Wyandra and Cunnamulla.

Warrego is an Aboriginal word meaning “River Of Sand”.

It extends from the Carnarvon Ranges at the northern edge of the Basin, down to the Darling River in northern New South Wales. The Warrego region has about 6,000 people and includes Charleville, Cunnamulla and Augathella and is sometimes connected to the Paroo River by flooding. The Warrego as well as the Paroo River catchments have been important to Aboriginal people for over 25,000 years.

Both catchments are semi-arid and generally flat. Extensive grazing remains the main industry and predominant land use. There is a small volume of water diverted from the Warrego River to irrigate pasture and crops, including fruit and vegetables and therefore is an essential source for agriculture.

This river offers a great number benefits to the town of Cunnamulla not only for the wildlife, nature and ecology but also for tourism. It offers lots of activities like birdwatching, kayaking, fishing and yabbying, swimming or river cruises.


Boasting 57 varieties and over 210 species of Australian native birds, the Cunnamulla area is a dream location and a must do for all true birdwatching enthusiasts.

A good time to go bird watching at feeding/watering time, so around sunrise and sunset. The Allan Tannock Weir is a good vantage point to view the many water birds in the area along the Warrego River, including at Darby Land Bridge. It’s a paradise for many birds like cranes, pelicans, cockatoos, corellas, galahs, hawks, different colourful parrots and sometimes even eagles.

Majestic gum trees, Yapunyahs and Coolabahs grow along the riverbank. Either it is completely silent, giving you a feeling of total tranquility or it is like a concert of different birds. Screeching, singing, croaking and tweeting sounds combined with the spectacular views over the coffee-coloured water create a breathtaking atmosphere. Especially early in the morning or at sunset the scenery seems to be perfect and a cruise on the river is a great way to fully soak in the atmosphere.

Sunset River Cruise

A river cruise on the Warrego River really offers the chance to get in touch with nature and become fully immersed in local wildlife and birdlife.

During the river cruise you will be provided with many opportunities to catch a glimpse and snap a photo of a variety of bird species. While the sun slowly sets you can enjoy the views with glass of wine in hand and savouries on board. The river promotes feelings of peace, tranquility.


The Warrego River is one of a few rivers where silver perch breed naturally, also golden perch and Murray Cod, catfish and spangled perch can be caught.

Most people go fishing not only for the experience of catching fish, but also because of the tranquility, relaxation and atmosphere along the Warrego riverbanks. Enjoy some time with friends and at best you can finish off the evening with a barbecue of your catch of the day.


The Warrego River, which runs through Cunnamulla is truly an amazing place to experience everything nature has to offer.

There’s no better way to experience it than in a kayak where the sheer magnitude of this natural wonderland becomes evident. There are narrow canals found between sandy islands, which were formed during past floods where the loose bed of sand moving throughout the river system built up. Trees overhanging the river made it sheltered and shady. Fallen branches and a series of alternate paths created an obstacle course that makes it an interesting adventure. As the river becomes wider you can spot many different birds and even sometimes turtles.

Half way through kayaking you can pull up to a shady spot on the riverbank and feast on the packed picnic lunch. After lunch some choose to go for a dip while others enjoy laying on the riverbank before paddling back from the secluded paradise.

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