Artesian Mud Baths

Magic Mud Treatment

The Artesian Mud Baths at Eulo Outback Queensland are a must do on every travellers bucket list.

There are more attractions around Cunnamulla than you might expect. Allow some extra time to find out what’s on offer.

One place to discover is Eulo, a small, but lovely township located on the banks of pristine Paroo River about 70km’s west of Cunnamulla. The town was originally much closer to the river, but after severe flooding, moved to where it currently stands.

Set amidst the mulga, Eulo is a delightful green haven for travellers with the premium attraction being experiencing Artesian Mud Baths.

The rural land surrounding Eulo is predominantly used for sheep and cattle, however, the area is well known for its delicious honey extracted from the blossom of the local native Yapunyah tree. Honey and other natural products made from bees wax are produced at Eulo for the local and national market.

A memorable time can be had swimming, fishing, yabbying and camping under the stars on the river banks, or while having Artesian Mud Baths.

Treat yourself and enjoy a relaxing artesian mud bath with a bottle of wine and nibbles in your own rustic open-air room.

After the drive from Cunnamulla to Eulo, we spent some time browsing through the local stores and having a look around before we set off to Palm Grove. We were welcomed by the lovely owners Ian and Nan Pike and showed our bath tubs. The baths are located in a unique, relaxing outdoor environment, which has a lot of outback charm.

There are several rooms to choose from including private stretch baths for couples which include an antique shower made out of a tree, as well as single bath tubs. When booking your Artesian mud baths experience, you have the option to book for anytime during the day, for sunset as well as in the evening under they starry outback sky. Plates of nibbles, some wine or other selected beverages complete the experience.

It was easy to see Ian’s passion when explained to us the finer details about the unique Artesian mud.

His expertise in the area really shone through when he began explaining the bath tubs are filled with heated water straight from the Great Artesian Basin, hundreds of meters below ground.

These active clays are rich in minerals such as Silica, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and many more. Together these minerals cleanse, tone and revitalise skin and body with nature’s own unique formula. It’s not only healthy, but also rejuvenating. Afterwards we would feel about 20 years younger, that’s what I was told.

The whole experience took about one and a half hours and was more than relaxing.

Soaking in the hot water felt perfect after a long day of travelling and discovering the area. The sun set slowly, the shadows lengthened, but the air was still warm and crisp making our little room a tranquil and magic place.

After the soak, the second step is applying the refreshing mud pack and letting it dry. At first I was hesitant that this step would feel quite uncomfortable, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was also really enjoyable. While the mud is drying and working it’s magic, you can relax by the fire place and enjoy the scenery. Next you can jump into the rustic shower and wash off all the mud and follow it up with the homemade date moisturiser.

My skin felt pleasant and all of us were really relaxed and satisfied. You are also welcome to take home any left over moisturiser and mud! There are natural mud-packs, soaps, moisturisers and other goodies for purchase in the gift shop.

I absolutely recommend the Artesian Mud Baths in Eulo because it’s a unique and relaxing experience with delightful hosts in a magnificent location. This was easily the most relaxing attraction of my trip.

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